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Blue Ridge Mountains Sams Gap

SoCu Bev Co. 


Est. 2024

Welcome to the electric oasis of SoCu Drink Company, where libations flow like the musings of a madman in the desert night. Here, every sip isn't just a quenching of thirst; it's a communion with the very soul of our communities, each bottle a testament to the intertwining of our lives and lands. We don't just mix drinks; we weave together the fabric of our agricultural heritage and a thirst for a better, more sustainable future. With ingredients plucked from the fertile soils of our region, we paint a portrait of flavors that dance with the seasons, while simultaneously providing a lifeline to our local farmers, ensuring their crops find purpose beyond mere sustenance. SoCu isn't just soda; it's a manifesto, a declaration of rebellion against the mundane, a libation for a new era where every sip is a toast to a different way of thinking.

In this realm of SoCu, we don't just imbibe; we commune with the spirit of innovation and conscientious consumption. Our concoctions aren't just refreshments; they're elixirs of societal evolution, each fizzing bubble a revolution in a glass. We reject the monotony of mass-produced mediocrity, opting instead for the vibrancy of locally sourced, seasonally inspired ingredients that not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the roots of our communities. SoCu isn't merely a beverage; it's a catalyst for change, a symphony of flavors orchestrated to harmonize with the rhythms of nature and the heartbeat of our agricultural brethren. With every sip, we toast to a future where libations aren't just drinks but vessels for a new nation of conscious imbibers, raising our glasses to a world where every pour tells a story of sustainability, community, and a thirst for a better tomorrow.

Mixer Line

Bloody Mary 

Southern Gentlemen 

Paw Paw 

Mountain Margarita

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