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Blue Ridge Mountains Sams Gap
  • How do I place a order ?
    To place a order, sign in via the market link. Choose your items and follow the checkout procedure via the checkout cart.
  • Can I order products that are not online ?
    Yes, if there is a item your looking for that may not be listed. Please contact us via email, text or phone call. We do special orders for our cutomers all the time.
  • Why should I buy from Southern Culture Cuisine and not a corporate food service company or grocery store?
    Southern Culture Cuisine is in the business of supporting small business. From the outside we deliver products to businesses. But on the inside we only support our fellow small businesses and local farmers. We make sure the money spent with us stays in our communities and goes back into small busineses and local farms. We belive this is very important to have a strong local economy and food system.
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