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Grits NC Yellow 2lb Bag

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Bloody Butcher is an heirloom variety of dent corn that has been grown in the Appalachian Mountains for generations. Its kernels are deep red with a white internal starch. Flakes of red bran lend a unique depth of flavor and texture. The grits are coarsely ground in accordance with stoneground tradition. Deep Roots Milling operates out of historic Woodson’s Mill in Nelson County VA. Woodson’s Mill was originally built in the 1790’s and has been in continual operation throughout the majority of its history. For much of America’s history, mills like Woodson’s dotted the landscape and served vital community roles. However, with the commercialization of the modern food system, these country mills could not compete and most were abandoned and left to fall apart. Woodson’s Mill is one of the last of these gems and we are excited to give it new life.

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