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Blue Ridge Mountains Sams Gap

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Pasture Raised Dry Aged Meats & Local Chesses

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Experience the taste of high-quality, locally sourced cured meats and cheeses. We work with some of the best local farms from the Appalachian and Tennessee Valley regions, including Hickory Nut Gap Farms, Meadow Creek Dairy, Foot Hills Meats, Dare Vegan Cheeses, Zigenwald Dairy, and Heritage Meats, to bring you the best of what these regions have to offer.

By choosing to buy locally, you not only support small businesses but also have access to fresher and healthier food. Our farmers take pride in raising their meats and cheeses with care and attention to detail. Pasture-raised meats are free from harmful hormones and antibiotics and are rich in nutrients, providing a better quality product.

Compared to factory farming, pasture-raised meats and cheeses are of a higher quality, with a more natural and distinct flavor profile. The animals are allowed to graze and forage freely, leading to a healthier and happier life, which in turn is reflected in the taste and quality of the product.

Treat yourself to the taste of locally sourced, high-quality cured meats and cheeses today

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