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Blue Ridge Mountains Sams Gap

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy


Throughout the shipping process, Southern Culture prioritizes the safe and prompt delivery of your products with utmost care and diligence. Upon placement of your order, you will promptly receive a confirmation email verifying its receipt. Deliveries to restaurants are meticulously coordinated according to our daily schedule, while wholesale market resellers receive their deliveries in strict accordance with the terms outlined in our agreement. We employ rigorous protocols to safeguard against any potential legal actions, ensuring full compliance with all applicable regulations and standards.

Return & Exchange Policy


You are entitled to initiate a return of a product within a 24-hour window for a partial or full refund. Southern Culture is committed to refunding the complete cost of the merchandise and associated shipping charges in instances where the return is attributable to our error or a defective product. It is important to note that all returned items undergo thorough inspection, and refunds are issued based on the condition of the item. For products that have been opened or used, we reserve the right to provide a partial refund. These measures are implemented to safeguard against potential legal actions and ensure adherence to applicable regulations and standards.

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